Benefits Of Pursuing Certificate III In Early Childhood Education And Care In Adelaide

April 20, 2021    childcarecoursesinadelaide

Just imagine a situation. You’re sitting in the middle of a bunch of children and they’re keeping you busy with all the activities, sometimes mischief. It’s you who will look after them making them obey you the most. And at the end of the day, you will get paid for this. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Well, that is what a job in the childcare sector looks like. It is a growing industry in Australia and as per government predictions, job openings will increase more in the coming years. So, if you really love children, this sector can be a preferred career path for you. But, what do you actually need to get employed in this sector? Well, the qualification is not so difficult to accomplish.

There are child care courses available which you can simply apply for. Generally, there two types of courses which people take. One is, Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and another is Diploma in Childcare.

What Are The Basics of a Certificate 3 in Childcare?

Before applying to the course, you need to know the basics of a cert 3 childcare course in Adelaide.

  1. You can take the course on either a full-time or a part-time basis. For full-time, you have to attend two days of classes in a week for six months. For part-time, you have to attend classes on every second Saturday for nine months.
  2. You will get homework every week which will be 3 to 4 hours.
  3. You can opt for self-funded course where you have to pay a substantial amount. You can also get government funded option as well as concession benefits, wherever applicable.
  4. You will need to spend at least 120 hours in vocational placement in any registered childcare centre. You can attend such training one day in a week.

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What Does This Child Care Course Cover?

In this course, you will get to learn the basic skills and knowledge which will be required to work as an early childhood educator in a school or childcare centre or as a day care worker in a private residence or childcare centre. Learning these skills will enable you to plan education plan for little children, which you will implement for the sake of their overall development from an early age. Your age has to be 18 years or above.

A total of 18 study units are covered in the course of which 15 are core units while 3 are elective units. Among the core units, ‘Provide care for babies and toddlers’, ‘Ensure the health and safety for children’, ‘Develop cultural competence’ are to name a few.

What Are The Advantages of Certificate 3 in childcare?

Advantages of Cert 3 childcare course are as follows:

  1. Any successful career stands on a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. This course will offer you those basic knowledge and techniques, standing on which you can go for a variety of job opportunities from nanny to day care worker or an early childhood educator.
  2. You will not only gain theoretical knowledge, but also will experience practical hands-on learning. You can also adjust your time of study according to your own choices and preferences, as this course offers immense flexibility. Also, you can study at a rapid pace or take extended period as per your convenience.
  3. You can complete course within one year or one and a half years. And what’s after? You will get numerous job opportunities. To be precise, you can actually get these opportunities after just studying for less than two years.
  4. As mentioned earlier, you have to take a 120 hour-vocational placement training at any registered child care centre in Australia. Devoting such a long period in practical training will give you added advantage in your professional life.
  5. Academic qualification for this course is not also very demanding. You can easily get enrolled in a certificate 3 course after passing out of high school examination.
  6. If you want to pursue a Diploma course in childcare to develop your educational knowledge, study of this course will be quite beneficial there too. Diploma course teaches some advanced skills, and so if you have already hold a certificate 3, that will enhance your chance of understanding better.
  7. Last but not the least, the job you will get after completion of the course, will not only be satisfying but also rewarding. You will teach young and fresh minds where you can make significant impact.

What Job Opportunities Will be Available?

There are abundant job opportunities which will be available once you complete the course and jump onto the professional world. The most common jobs are early childhood educator, assistant teacher, preschool teacher, childcare worker or childcare centre manager.

As an early childhood educator, you will be responsible to plan and organize curriculum for the students and engage them in different activities, so that they can develop themselves physically, mentally or socially. You need to be extremely patient and caring for this role. You will have to discuss with their parents too. The role of a day care worker is to take care of infants or toddlers in a given set of environment where the children are not getting care from their parents. Though managerial jobs will be better available after completion of diploma, you can still apply for the post of childcare centre manager too. This job is quite busier but as a manager, you will supervise planning and execution of students’ curriculum as well as inspire your staff.

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Ending Note

Adelaide is a beautiful city to live for and get a job. You can look for available child care courses in Adelaide and get enrolled in any one of them.

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