5 Most Amazing Benefits To Children From Playing Outside

September 5, 2022    childcarecoursesinadelaide

The best approach for kids to learn and develop is to provide them with the chance to enjoy a variety of experiences through play-based learning. Children benefits from playing outside, as we all know. The majority of Australian child care facilities use a play-based learning approach and give kids this crucial unstructured playtime.

Children receive additional advantages from playing outside, which can improve their general welfare during the vital first five years of growth.

Children’s physical health is improved, and they develop greater emotional and mental fortitude when they spend more time outside and away from technology.

There is no denying the benefits of engaging in outdoor activities and venturing outside into the sunshine, whether it be on a trip to a park with a natural theme or a hike through the woods with their family.

Let’s look at five amazing benefits of playing outside that might help the kids in their care.

1. Healthy Bodies

Children who play outside are typically more physically active and engage in activities like climbing and running.

By getting out at least once a day, you can reduce the incidence of childhood obesity in children.

The great outdoors is the best place to move about, run, jump, throw, catch, pull, lift, and carry things. These activities all call for practised motor skills. Children who play outside develop new skills like pushing and pulling playground equipment. They also exercise their aerobic systems.

According to studies, kids burn more calories outside, which helps them avoid obesity and builds their bones and muscles. Playing outside in the sunshine increases vitamin D levels in the body, which results in stronger bones and a lower risk of chronic illnesses. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that vitamin D deficiency affects many kids.

Increased Muscle Power

Playing outside improves a child’s coordination and strength. Take swinging, as an illustration. Children use all of their muscles as they learn to mimic the swing’s motion. Swinging may appear to be a monotonous playground game, yet it forces young children to grow their muscles. Bikes, skateboards, and scooters are some additional outdoor toys that encourage your kids to use and develop their muscles. Moreover, there are various benefits of play in early childhood education like it improves interpersonal relationships, develops a lot of skills, and lowered stress and fatigue and so on.

2. Sound Minds

The benefits of being outside among the greenery and fresh air extend to both children’s and adults’ mental health. According to research, “green space” enhances wellbeing. It helps reduce stress and anxiety levels, which can lead to better behaviour.

Children develop new games, investigate their surroundings, and gain independence through unrestricted outdoor play. Along with their growing sense of independence, they also improve their organisation and decision-making skills. Through both independent and group play, children develop their problem-solving skills as well as their ability to imagine and build imaginary worlds. Children learn to respect others and adhere to the rules through these encounters.

Children learn to share, take turns, and acquire other beneficial behavioural skills through unstructured outdoor play. They are more inclined to use their strengths, be creative, and explore and learn about the world around them. With their siblings or friends, kids create and play games that help them develop their organised, cooperative, and communication abilities. Additionally, exercise and unstructured play lower stress levels.

3. Improved Immune System And Vision

Studies have demonstrated that exposure to natural light and time spent outside help children’s eyes. Children who spend more time outside are less likely to be nearsighted, and those children who are nearsighted also endure slower vision loss as a result of spending more time outside.

The pineal gland is stimulated by outside light. Our immune system’s health and sense of well-being depend on this area of the brain. Being outside in nature is linked to happier and better-tempered people. An added benefit is that youngsters who identify with nature are more likely to grow up to be environmentally conscious adults.

4. Sensory Experience

For kids, the outdoors offers a wealth of amazing sensory experiences. A wide variety of textures, noises, smells, and, of course, sights are all things that kids can learn about. Getting out and collecting pebbles, leaves, shells, and flowers is a lot of fun.
Children who play outside frequently have stronger distant vision than children who stay indoors all the time, according to a study in optometry and vision science. In particular, preschoolers use their senses to learn new things.

Consider the joy a toddler experiences when they observe new animals (seeing), stop to smell and touch a bed of fragrant flowers, watch the water produce puddles for stomping (hearing and touch), or eat a berry from a bush that their parents have approved of (taste). However, kids who are addicted to television and other electronic devices only use their hearing and sight. The development of perceptual skills may be harmed by this.

5. Boost Creativity And Imagination

When kids play outside, anything is possible. When kids are in the vast outdoors, their imaginations can run wild. The outdoors is a lot of fun, from spotting patterns and images in the sky to having adventures amid the trees!

Make playing outside a priority for kids every day at your childcare facility, regardless of the weather, and you’ll significantly improve their wellbeing. Children learn a variety of topics in early childhood courses in Adelaide that aid in the development of their personalities.

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How Can You Get Your Kid Outside To Play?

Whether your child is 2 or 12, it’s important to encourage them to enjoy time outdoors when they’re not glued to a computer. Your children can learn to appreciate being outside by exploring parks and playgrounds, whether they’re playing by themselves or with others.

Here are some suggestions for getting your kid outside to play.

1. Begin Modestly

Your child may be intimidated by larger public settings if they aren’t used to playing outside or with others, which may deter them from engaging in outside play again. Make sure they remain outside until they are exhausted, but keep an eye on them in case they need anything. Exposing your child to nature gradually through backyard play or simple neighbourhood walks will help them avoid developing allergies.

2. Include Some Levity

Encourage your child’s creativity by giving them entertaining activities to do, such as:

  • Making baskets
  • Ball catching
  • Searching for hidden wealth
  • Participating in a treasure hunt
  • Going to the neighbourhood playground

3. Travel With Them

Playground adventures and other public outdoor play facilities benefit kids in the following ways:

  • Developing the skills required for teamwork and intergenerational play.
  • Maintaining your independence.
  • Encountering a broad range of fresh sentiments and feelings.
  • Increasing self-esteem and respect.

4. Offer Choices

When your kid complains that they are bored, you should urge them to do the following:

Pack some outdoor games.
Arrange the modern playground devices for the test.
Participate in outdoor board games or learning activities.
Children are empowered to push mental boundaries and find passions when given options, especially during outdoor play activities.

5. Family And Friends With You

Including family and friends will make outdoor play more enjoyable and productive. As previously said, kids gain from playing with their friends outside. Playing outside with your child helps them develop these skills.

  • Motor skills
  • Emotional control
  • Group leadership abilities
  • Originality
  • Mental flexibility

Invite your family and friends over to your home for some outdoor recreation, such as hosting a competitive relay race or an outdoor game night. Alternately, head to a nearby playground or park to spread the fun.


These playing outside benefits are not exclusive to kids; they also benefit parents. Both of you will feel peaceful, relaxed, and re-energized thanks to the clean air, the quality time spent with each other, and the therapeutic forces of nature.

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