Certifications Needed To Open A Daycare: A Comprehensive Guide

April 11, 2023    childcarecoursesinadelaide

Certain certifications can help you get a daycare role or advance your employment. These certifications not only help you improve your skills as a caretaker, but they also help you demonstrate your commitment to the industry. Many certifications help you learn the latest safety and parenting development protocols. This article discusses the importance of the certifications needed to open a daycare and some certifications you can consider to advance your career.

Importance of Certifications to Open a Daycare

  • You may commit to childcare duties by getting a daycare worker certification.
  • Some daycares may require staff to have certain qualifications. Certification helps you prepare for emergencies.
  • They provide the skills and knowledge needed to address common concerns.

Certifications Needed to Open A Daycare

High School Diploma or GED

A college degree is not a requirement to operate a daycare, but a high school diploma or GED is required. This is typical when starting for-profit or residential childcare.

To work with children, you must have fulfilled your basic education requirements. No matter your age, you may work towards getting your GED if owning a daycare is something you’re interested in, but you still need to complete high school.

A college degree or a commercial or early childhood education background is always advantageous.


Most of the time, you may have to go through a few inspections; the number and frequency of these inspections depend on the license you receive and vary from state to state.

You may be required to go through a health inspection to maintain health and sanitation standards and provide safety equipment. You may also be required to pass a facility inspection check that considers the presence of adequate space, appropriate play areas, and an overall safe environment for children.

In most circumstances, an inspection will occur annually or more frequently to verify that local and state childcare regulations are followed and upheld. While applying for a child care license, the standards must be satisfied.

Going through a fire inspection every year or only once can be necessary. These are quick inspections that the state or county fire marshal would do to make sure all fire regulations are followed.

Commercial “group” Child Care License

A commercial group childcare license is required if you plan to care for many children outside the home. There are laws regulating the number and age of children in institutions and in the care of adults to protect children. Regulations vary by state.

License costs depend on the number of children and must be renewed every two years.

Zoning Regulations

Zoning is also important, depending on where you live. Prospective home daycare owners may need special permits to operate their businesses from private residences. For instance, if you rent the property, the owner may need to provide you with formal consent before you may run an off-site childcare facility. Depending on the jurisdiction, daycare workers may be required to obtain special permits to operate in residential areas. Some certificates that consider zoning regulations include a certificate of occupancy and a zoning compliance certificate, which verify that a property complies with the local building codes and confirms that restrictions are carefully respected. An environmental permit ensures environmental norms are followed.

Home-based programs must meet state-established facility requirements like center-based programs to provide children with a safe and clean environment. These standards typically include indoor and outdoor physical areas guidelines and health and safety requirements such as emergency and sanitary procedures.

Facility Requirements

Facility requirements such as the required indoor space, fenced outdoor areas, adequate lighting and ventilation, and heating and air conditioning are some of what the state requires when opening a daycare. Most states require daycare centers to have enough space for children to play and explore safely. The basic certificates required for facility requirements include building permits, insurance certificates, and occupancy permits. State-by-state variations in facility size regulations also apply.

Additional prerequisites consist of the following:

  • Adequate illumination
  • Plumbing v/s Ventilation
  • Enclosed playground
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Adequate bathroom facilities for both employees and children


An accessibility Compliance certificate is required to ensure the provision of accessible entrances and exits, accessible parking spaces, accessible paths of travel, including ramps and elevators, accessible restroom facilities, accessible seating, and other amenities. A working daycare phone is necessary so parents can easily access their children, visit them when needed, and bring them home.

You can start a nursery or daycare quickly if you meet the requirements above. All you need is to commit, and it works fine.

Grocery Store Certification

Daycare centers often need staff and teachers to handle meals daily. The nutritional requirements of young children are so important that some states require food handler certification.

This requires you and your staff to take the course and pay a fee to complete the certification process. This requirement depends on the type of license the daycare owner holds and whether they prepare meals on-site.

This certificate may not be required if lunch or other meals are not prepared on-site.

Health Check

It takes a particular level of stamina and strength to work with kids. Daycare employees must undergo yearly evaluations to ensure they can carry out their tasks.

Health screening and vaccination certificates ensure that the working individual’s health status is compatible with the needed tasks. Immunization records for both children and staff should be kept on hand. This is a good idea whether your state requires it or not.


Before applying for a daycare license, ensuring that you, your staff, and your center meet your state’s licensing requirements are important. Use the many resources available to prospective childcare workers. With careful research and preparation, you can navigate the authorization process and focus on the next phase of your business.

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