What You Need To Know About Your First Job In Childcare: 3 Top Tips

December 2, 2022    childcarecoursesinadelaide

Child care training courses are very popular in Australia. Not just the local students but even students coming from other countries are enrolling for child care courses for a bright and secure future.
The demand for qualified childcare workers or job opportunities in childcare is very high in Australia. In fact, statistics show that Australia will need to hire 16,000 new early childhood educators to meet the increased demand and to fill the 7,000 vacancies in this highly challenging sector.

Students are also attracted to this sector due to the good payment structure. The average child care worker salary in Australia is $59,500 per year or $30.51 per hour. Even the salary for entry-level jobs to do with childcare starts at $53,612 per year and with time and experience one can expect to make up to $80,662 per year. From a salary point of view, enrolling for child care training courses seems like a good choice.

To make yourself qualified for childcare job roles, you can do a certificate in childcare and education courses or any other certified courses. However, once you have completed the child care training courses and start looking for a job in this sector, you must have some idea about your first job in childcare.

There are ample opportunities to get trained to a higher level and study further in this sector. If you are not sure about what to expect from your first job in the childcare sector, read this article till the end to gain the right information.

Here are the 3 top tips to know about your first job in childcare.

Volunteer to learn:

Doing a certificate in childcare and education courses or any other course does not make you an expert in the field. You can be successful in the childcare sector only if you volunteer to learn. This means you need to implement everything practically you learn from the books. You need to be around children and study their behavior and habits to get a clear idea about what to expect from your first job.

To gain some practical experience, volunteer in a local preschool or nursery. Even babysitting for a few hours during weekends is the perfect opportunity to learn something about childcare. Spending time in a childcare setting gives you valuable, first-hand experience in childcare roles. In fact, this way you get first-hand knowledge about the jobs to do with childcare.

Gaining a little bit of experience about the jobs to do with childcare also shows your commitment towards your career choice and even gives a boost to your resume. This means getting a job quickly after completing child care short courses.

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Understand the duties and responsibilities:

There are many jobs to do with childcare and one thing is for sure is that you need to spend a lot of time with children of different age-groups.

Working in a childcare sector involves a lot of responsibility as here the question is about the well being of children. Children are the future and their right upbringing can play a key role in the overall development of their personality as well as the nation as a whole. Hence, before you begin your first job in childcare and to be prepared for childcare job roles, you must have proper knowledge about the duties and responsibilities.

To know about the duties and responsibilities, speak to a childcare worker personally. This will give a clear picture about what part of the job is enjoyable and what are the biggest challenges of this industry. If possible, try to spend a day or two in a childcare center to know what to expect in the job. Even browsing job descriptions for childcare roles on the internet will give you an idea about the duties and responsibilities of the job.

Basically, childcare workers attend to children’s needs while helping to foster early development. They also need to supervise and monitor the safety of children and help keep good hygiene. Childcare workers may also watch school-age children before and after school and help the children with their homework and may take them to after school activities. They also need to keep records of children’s progress, routines, and interests.

By knowing the duties and responsibilities of the childcare worker, you also get to have a clear idea regarding whether it is the right career path for you or not.

Polish your skills:

Not everyone can work in the childcare sector. There are certain qualities that a person needs to have if planning to work in this challenging sector. First of all, you need to love working around children. If you are not comfortable around children and if they make you nervous then this is not the right career choice for you.

This challenging sector demands a multitude of skills from its workers. As childcare workers end up becoming a role model for young children, one needs to be of loving and good nature. Also, one needs to be passionate about what they are doing and understanding the reality of what it involves is very important.

Some other important skills for child care workers to fulfill childcare job roles are good communication skills, planning skills, creative thinking, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, organizational skills and compassion and empathy.
While child care training courses offer the right training and a good fundamental education required to start a job, it is important for one to polish the soft skills. Getting the right support and guidance, and taking time to work in a child care setting will help one to put into practice the things one gets to learn theoretically.


To sum up, childcare job roles are many and simply doing any child care training courses is not enough to be successful in this sector. There are many jobs to do with childcare training and gaining prior experience by working around children will help a lot in polishing your skills. In Australia, the childcare sector is very successful and is going to grow more in the coming years.

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