What Career You Will Have With An Early Childhood Education?

December 21, 2021    childcarecoursesinadelaide

The early years are a developmental period that lays the foundation for later stages of life, such as adulthood in an emotional, intellectual and physical way. Early childhood education can prepare a child with the relevant skills needed to grow healthily. It helps shape their lives and improve the communities in which they live. So those who practice this stuff help to get various career opportunities. 

Just like there is unlimited potential in the minds of young children, having a degree in early childhood education rewards one with unthinkable career opportunities from education to social work. 

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Careers To Have With An Early Childhood Education

There are various careers to seek out if one has a degree in early childhood education; some of the careers are-

Teacher in Preschool

There are many developmental changes in the early stages of childhood among children. In those stages, challenges faced by children are different from those faced by them in kindergarten and after that. Preschool teachers must understand how children develop themselves and schedule activities in different environments, and this can help create a safe and secure environment for children. 

Entry-level positions in preschool teachers start from being an assistant teacher and an aide of a teacher. So assistant teachers or their guides work under the supervision of a senior teacher. There are many institutes for preschool teachers that can offer them a position, such as public and private schools, child care centres and centres in various industries. 

 The base salary of a preschool teacher is around $27,000, while the highest pay is close to $48,000. The educational requirement of a preschool teacher varies from one state to another. These qualifications could be from a high school diploma to a certificate 3 in childcare ranging for four years. There is at least a 17% increase in the employment of preschool teachers in the next few years. It is an accessible career option for people holding a degree in early childhood development. 

Director of a Childcare Centre

The directors of childhood centres are responsible for preschool, daycare, or child care daily operations. Educators who are experienced train and supervise staff responsible for caring for children, setting standards and objectives for the organisation and maintaining a good relationship with parents. 

Directors of childcare centres play an active role in consulting with teachers to improve curriculum standards, develop meaningful programs and prepare budgets. In short, directors of childcare centres are responsible for all the day to day activities ranging from daily education to sorting out objectives for the organisation. 

Administrators in childcare centres earn salaries ranging from $44,000 to $85,000 per year. The educational requirements for the director of a childcare centre are different in every state; some require a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, while for some, it could be a local certificate in child development.

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Home-based Service Provider

For most children, home is a good environment for learning. Parents are more comfortable with their children taking on childhood education within the home corners. Home-based service providers work with children one-on-one or with several of them simultaneously. These service providers like to combine education with the comforts of either their own home or parents’ home. 

Earning potential for this job is limited due to its position. 

In egress, an associate degree in early childhood education or credential in child development is needed. Service providers earn an early salary running from $14,000 to $35, 0000, and the salary depends on the number of children who are being cared for. 

Specialist in Family Support

Some families need help with their children’s placement in childcare, while others need help with support services to pay for their children. Some families have health problems, crises, divorce and other issues where it is hard to care for the child. When support specialists come to play, they help such families by providing them help from community services. They help families find the best housing, employment and means of transportation to support their children. 

Family support specialists usually visit affected families to know their needs. A specialist has to take care of individual needs and understand differences in them. 

A specialist in family support earns about $54,000 a year; a four-year degree in early childhood education is required for this job position. 


A consultant helps provide both public and provide organisations in developing problems, policies, and regulations needed for promoting childcare. Consultants need to travel to host organisations to understand their needs and provide resources to solve their problems. They also guide people in making good decisions regarding childcare. 

The consultants also work with people who provide childcare. A consultant’s salary is about $48,000 and can move up to $80,000. A degree or diploma in childcare Adelaide is needed for this work. 

Enrol With Best Childcare Courses in Adelaide

There are many childcare courses in Adelaide to choose from if one wants a career in childhood education. They provide the best teachers who can guide students and teach them counselling and teaching skills. You have to enrol at the best institutions to offer a childcare course in Adelaide. 

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