What Qualifications Are Required To Work In Childcare?

July 22, 2020    childcarecoursesinadelaide

In Australia and other developed countries worldwide, the childcare industry is showing substantial signs of growth. As more and more parents go back to work after the birth of their child, they are choosing to leave their child in the care of highly trained professionals. There is a huge demand for childcare professionals, and it is now one of the best times to train and prepare for a career in childcare. If you enjoy being around children, then you should seriously consider a career in childcare. Childcare courses and certification exams will prepare you thoroughly for a professional position. Here is some information about the exact credentials that the Australian government requires from childcare workers.

Exact Qualifications Required

If you love being around children, then working in childcare is going to be extremely rewarding for you. You will be able to contribute heavily to the growth and development of many young children, who will all remember you fondly. You will wield considerable influence over all your wards, and you’ll be able to watch them grow in front of your eyes.

Firstly, to begin working as a childcare worker, you need to at least have a Certificate III in Childcare Adelaide.

Certificate III is an educational/skills qualification that will permit you to work with small children and contribute to their education and care. It is the minimum qualification that is required to have a career in childcare in Australia. The Certificate III course will provide you the necessary skills, information, and training - such as child interaction, child care, child safety, first aid, child development, legal frameworks, etc. If you are looking up the childcare courses Adelaide has to offer, then you will notice that this course generally requires 6-10 months of training and education. Apart from the certification, you will also need to possess a “Working with Children” Check.

Job Placement

The childcare industry is booming and there is a huge need for qualified professionals. According to data provided by the Australian government, 90% of childcare course graduates find a professional position immediately after graduation. Thus, if you are looking for a rewarding job where you will be able to shape young minds, you should consider careers in childcare.

Prerequisites for Studying Childcare Course

To study the childcare courses in the first place, you need to satisfy some prerequisites that are set by the Australian government. If you are an international student/visa holder, then here are the requirements that you need to satisfy.

  • To work as a childcare professional, you will need to demonstrate a competent grasp of the English language. A minimum IELTS score of 5.5 or 6.5 is recommended. However, if you aren’t fluent in English, do not worry. Go Study Australia helps applicants with learning English and also suggests helpful English courses that you can take.
  • If you are an international student, you will need to hold a valid visa to start studying childcare courses. For this, the only type of valid visa is a work visa.

Apart from these prerequisites, you will also need the following soft skills to start working as a professional in the childcare industry.

  • Your ability to function as part of a team.
  • You are comfortable interacting with kids as well as their parents.
  • You have a sunny disposition and an optimistic attitude.
  • You need to display patience and resolve under stressful conditions.
  • You also need to be very responsible and level-headed.

If all this information has managed to get you excited about a career in the childcare industry, you should enrol in a childcare course, and get the best diploma in childcare Adelaide has to offer.

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