Which Childcare Course Is Better? Diploma In Childcare Education Or Cert 3 Childcare

April 9, 2021    childcarecoursesinadelaide

Dreaming to start a successful career in child care sector in Australia? If so, it’s a brilliant decision to take as the jobs are not only satisfying and rewarding but also offer lots of financial securities and job certainties. You can be an early childhood educator or a child care worker in a community or childcare centre. But, first you have to know, that you can’t just simply apply for such a job and get placed easily. You need to have knowledge and specified qualification skills for which you need to attend a child care course Adelaide or in anywhere else in Australia. It may appear confusing what course should you choose.

What Are the Different Childcare Courses Adelaide That Are Available?

Usually, there are two courses available for all the individuals looking for a job in childcare sector. One is Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care which is mostly known by its code CHC30113 and another is Diploma in Childhood Education, the code of which is CHC50113. Both of these courses will build a wonderful foundation of skills which you will require throughout the whole childcare career.

Brief Descriptions of The Two Child Care Courses

  • Certificate III in Childcare: A Certificate 3 in childcare Adelaide can be a viable option to go for because as per the Australian government prediction, there will be huge openings in the jobs in the years to come. In this course you can learn how to plan, organize and implement an early childhood education plan, thus fostering individual development for the children. You will also get to know about the legal obligations and industry requirements. You need to show high school certificate and be 18 years or above.

You will get one-on-one guidance from a group of highly skilled professionals. Core units in this course include ‘Provide care for babies and toddlers’, ‘Develop cultural competence’, ‘Ensure the health and safety of children’. The three elective units are ‘Organize personal work priorities and development’, ‘Support behaviour of children and young people’ and ‘Work in partnership with families to provide appropriate education and care for children’.

  • Diploma in Childcare: While the previous course is more like a beginner’s course, Diploma in Childcare Adelaide will teach you more advanced skills. You can work as an early childhood educator, where you will design the curriculum too. Requirements for this course include English language proficiency level (test score of an internationally accepted English test like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE), high school passing certificate as the academic qualification. If you’re a foreign national, you have to hold a valid and current passport and have a study visa that will cover your study duration. You will not require showing any English language proficiency if you’re an Australian. Usually, there are total of 28 units in this course, among which the 23 core units include:
  • ‘Work legally and ethically’
  • ‘Ensure the health and safety of children’
  • ‘Maintain work health and safety’
  • ‘Develop cultural competence’
  • ‘Provide care for children’
  • ‘Provide care for babies and toddlers’

In addition to that, there are five elective units, namely ‘Work with diverse people’, ‘Support the holistic development of children in early childhood’, ‘Support children to connect with their world’ etc.

What Are The Key Differences in The Two Courses?

With skills learned in Certificate III course, you can get a job of early childhood educator, where you will take care of the children, teach them, design their curriculum in a child care centre or a school. You can also work as a child care worker in a private residence or a child care centre when they do not have their parents. But, with skills you learn in Diploma course, you will equipped with more advanced skills which you can use to acquire managerial abilities and you can become a child care centre manager or a group leader. At the same time, Diploma in Childcare is also quite tougher, relative to the Certificate course as it involves more number of study units.

There is also difference in the time duration of vocational placement required for the completion of two courses. For the Certificate III course, you need to spend 120 hours in vocational placement from any registered Australian Early Childhood Education Centre, while, for the diploma course, this time extends to 240 hours. So, while you can complete a certificate course in one to one and a half years or so, you will need at least 92 weeks for the diploma course. Consequently, the cost of diploma course is much higher in contrast to the certificate III course.

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What Are The Job Options You Can Get for The Two Different Courses?

Certificate 3 in childcare course will offer you job options early childhood educator, family day care worker, playgroup supervisor, childhood educator assistant, nanny or baby sitter. On the other hand, you can get appointed in managerial roles like children’s services coordinator, centre manager, childhood educator, director etc.

Should You Need to Complete Certificate III Course Before Applying For Diploma?

This is a very common question that a significant student asks. The answer is, No. You can do a certificate 3 course if you just simply get a job in the childcare sector. But, you can directly apply to the diploma course as well. Don’t worry, this course will also cover the basic topics taught in the certificate course. But, obviously it will be an advantage for you if you already hold a certificate course and then opt for a diploma.

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Ending Note

For more information on different courses and job options, you can search on the internet. Plenty of online course options are available there.

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