Why Diploma In Childcare Is Important To Get Better Employment?

January 24, 2022    childcarecoursesinadelaide

A diploma in childcare is a course that allows students to nurture the necessary skills and values needed in the childcare sector. The educators of the childcare sector are responsible for planning, applying, and managing programs in early childhood services. This course is important to learn relevant skills and gain the practical knowledge required in the childcare industry. 

Qualification Needed

Those who want to enhance their career and study in early childhood would require a diploma in early childhood education and care. The course helps students take on enhanced levels of responsibility and leadership required in early childhood care. In this diploma course, there will be an opportunity to develop skills to take care of children. This course teaches students to help develop good habits in children. 

A diploma course is necessary for those who want to help in educating young children and lead care programs before they start going to school. 

Having a Diploma of early childhood education and care can help students implement skills and manage education/ care programs. It can also teach students to supervise different staff members and volunteers. Entry-level management knowledge and skills are also received in this program. When one is a diploma qualified educator, they can-

  • Support learning and development of children
  • Design, implement, plan and assess educational seminars or programs
  • Support the development, health and education of children and their families
  • Work with several communities or external agencies
  • Lead and support staff members
  • Manage different types of childhood services
  • Make sure they work following the policies 

Requirements To Gain Entry

  • Should be able to read, write and speak fluent English
  • Good ability for applying numeracy
  • Should be currently working with children check

Duration Of Course

The duration guideline for diploma courses is for a year and could be up to two years, depending on the study option. External training is given, which can be learned based on the student’s learning speed. The course duration could depend upon the individual, situation of employment and process of enrolment. Transfer credits and RPL options could decrease the time to complete the course.  

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Study Options 

Various institutes offer different delivery options that allow students to complete the course in any mode they are comfortable. The study options are-

  • Class: Full-time course could be completed in 65 weeks or 39 weeks depending on if one has completed CHC30113 at different locations in Adelaide
  • External study: Studying at a comfortable time and speed could end the course in 24 months.
  • Apprenticeships: It can be done under both full time and part-time contracts.
  • Recognition of prior learning(RPL): self-study 

Area Of Learning

In this diploma course, one can learn how to provide a program for babies and younger children. It helps one to work responsibly. There are more than 20 units for study in this course-

  • Developing, arranging and assessing various programs for children
  • Promoting the wellbeing and development of children
  • Maintaining legal and ethical conformity at the workplace
  • Fulfil leadership and management obligations

Qualification Units

There are 28 units of competency, out of which 23 are core units, and five are selective. All these units reflect the needs of the childcare industry.

Core units

CHCECE003- providing care for children

CHCECE007- Developing a positive and respectful relationship with children of all ages.

CHCECE002- Making sure children are safe and have a good health

HLTAID004-To provide an emergency response in a childcare environment

CHCECE005- Taking care of toddlers and babies

CHCLEG001-Work in a legal and ethical manner

CHCECE004-To promote and encourage healthy food, drinks etc.

HLTWHS003-To maintain health in the workplace and stays safe

CHCPRT001-Identifying and responding to children who are at risk

CHCECE009-Using is an approved learning framework to provide a guide in practice

CHCECE001-Developing a cultural competence

CHCDIV002-promote aboriginal, islanders and respecting thor culture

CHCECE023-Evaluating information to inform the importance of learning

CHCECE022-Promoting agency for children

Elective units

CHCPRP003 – Reflecting on professional practices and improving them

CHCLEG003 – Managing work to be done legally in an ethical manner

CHCPOL002 – To develop and use policies

CHCECE029 – Responding to problems of parents and errors in service

CHCMGT003- leading team works  

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Opportunities For Employment

Undergoing diploma course helps in employing in various roles-

  1. Director (Centre based)
  2. Educational leader
  3. Lead educator in childcare
  4. Care coordinator for a family
  5. An educator for a family
  6. Home care provider
  7. Assistant teacher in preschool
  8. Coordinator (out of school hours)
  9.   Educator (out of school hour)
  10. Assistant teacher in preschools or kindergarten
  11. Babysitter 

Enrolling In The Best Child Care Institute That Offers Diploma Courses

Many institutions can offer a child care course Adelaide. The childcare industry is huge, and it takes a great level of dedication to perform roles and maintain rules and responsibilities. A student must enrol in the best child care training courses that offer a diploma program to enhance their skill levels and learn everything in self-paced time. 

The leading institutes offer diploma and certificate III courses. It has many instructors with years of experience who can help students develop themselves in this field.  

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